Prototype of Vr Glove

Vr Glove based on Arduino & Flex Sensors

Preservation of Cultural Heritage enlisting Virtual Reality

Virtual tour in the municipal art gallery of Mytilene

BSc student's Thesis-
Cultural Tehnology and Communication Department

3D representation of manor houses of Mytilene

3D representations of the manor houses of Mytilene during the classes "3D graphics" & "Virtual Reality" of Cultural Technology and Communication Department

Recording the traditional professions of the North Aegean

Research through interviews by students of Cultural Technology and Communication Department-
Image, Sound and Cultural Representation Laboratory

Experiment in Mixed Reality

Researching the effects of the use of Virtual Environment according to the interest of users in the conducting of tasks
Master Thesis-
Cultural Informatics and Communication, field of Design of Digitan and Cultural Products

Digitization of History
Digital Herodotus

The digitization was carried out by members of the Laboratory of Image, Sound and Cultural Representation Laboratore, the Public Central Library of Mytilene and Aegean Solutions

Aims/ Objectives / Prospects

The Lab (ISCRL) aims at developing methods and techniques to collect and record cultural data and represent cultural information via the use of digital applications and multimedia. In this context the Lab (ISCRL) aims at examining, processing and developing critical interpretive approaches contributing to the documentation, evaluation, management and promotion of various forms and versions of “cultural content”. Therefore it is focused both on being associated with contemporary theoretical approaches in the field of cultural representation and on the utilization and elaboration of innovative methodologies and techniques for the creation of cultural data presentation scenarios dependent on current developments in the field of technology with emphasis on Digital Audiovisual Production, 3D Graphics, Virtual Reality/ VR technologies and Sound Design.

Thematic Fields of Research

The Lab (ISCRL) serves the research and educational practices of the Cultural Technology and Communication Department and therefore the University of the Aegean in fields of knowledge which include Cultural Research, Digital Culture, Sound Design and Soundscapes, Digital Audiovisual Production with emphasis on Documentaries, Mobile and Diffused Calculation of 3D Graphics and the Development of Augmented and Virtual Reality Mixed Applications.
The Lab (ISCRL) has completed a series of research projects presented in Activies and Productions.

Collaborating agencies

The Lab (ISCRL) has cooperated and collaborated with a series of public and private agencies, cultural organisations and institutions. All collaborations are consistent with the research and educational practices of the Lab, addressing diverse fields of knowledge and subjects, as for example research to record and document cultural data and cultural networks defining their constitution, the promotion of cultural data in the form of projection scenarios and the use of new ICTs. The following are a few indicative examples:

Region of North Aegean


Municipality of Lesvos


The Museum – Library Stratis Eleftheriadis – Tériade


General Secretariat of the Aegean and Insular Policy


Ephorate of Antiquities of Lesvos


Central Public Library of Mytilene


Historical Public Library of Mythimna


Cultural Association of Plomari “To Polion”


Club of Plomari “Veniamin the Lesvian”


Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


VR First


Reading Room of Agiassos “I Anaptyxi/ Development”




Athenian Microcomputers



For more information about the activities of the laboratory contact us via email at or at +30 22510-36628, +30 22510-36672, +30 22510-36688.

Image, Sound and Cultural Representation Laboratory

University of the Aegean, University Hill, PC: 81100
Mytilene, Lesvos