The Image, Sound & Cultural Representation Lab of the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication (Dept. C. T. & C.) of the University of the Aegean, aims at developing methods and techniques to collect and record/document cultural data and represent cultural information via the use of digital applications and multimedia. In this context, the Lab aims at examining, processing and developing critical hermeneutical/interpretational approaches contributing to the documentation, evaluation, organisation and management of various forms and versions of "cultural content" and also at the design/elaboration of scenarios for the presentation of digital cultural information. The material utilized by the Lab for this purpose includes biographies, events/happenings, archives (in the form of texts, audio, photography, moving images), active agents' practices (i.e. traditional professional techniques), material culture data impressions (i.e. traditional artifacts, monuments, buildings. etc). The accentuation and promotion of digital cultural information (data) depends both on the way cultural activities and multi-performances are organised (e.g. festivals, exhibitions using multimedia, etc) and on the form of digital products (i.e. Cd- Rom or DVD - Rom, Portals and/or Websites, digital publications, virtual exhibitions, etc). The Lab's research activities focus primarily on the region of Northern Aegean, but also include the wider Greek and European area. Based on this perspective, the Lab of Audiovisual Design and Cultural Representation aims to elaborate good and promising practices ensuring cooperation with public and private agencies and enterprises for the realisation of research projects on a Pan-Hellenic, European and international level, and also to educate young scientists (i.e. pregraduate and postgraduate students, graduates and PhD candidates) on procedures foregrounding and promoting "digital cultural content" through their active participation in the research projects realized by the Lab.

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