During the Academic Quarter

Series of short documentaries broadcasted for three years (2015-2017) by the Hellenic Parliament Television and entirely created by senior students of the Cultural Technology and Communication Department of the University of the Aegean. Documentaries have the form of portraits and discuss students’ modern culture in Greece. One of the episodes of the 2nd cycle entitled “Training the gaze” received first award during the 3rd Panhellenic Pupils’ and Students’ Historical Documentary Contest in 2016. This was the first time a series of documentaries were ever filmed for a Greek TV channel having a national range by university students and including all specialties (i.e. research, direction, camera, editing, etc). Scientific responsible for the production of the series was Ioannis Skopeteas, Assistant Professor of Direction and Script-writing at the Cultural Technology and Communication Department of the University of the Aegean.

Watch some of the episodes here:


AegeanDocs is an International Documentary Film Festival organised by the Region of the North Aegean in collaboration with the University of the Aegean every fall since 2013. Mytilene is the epicenter of the Festival and the city where all the screenings and events takes place. Some of the screenings and events are transmitted via live streaming at Chios, Lemnos, Samos, Syros and Rhodes, via equipment provided by the Cultural Technology and Communication Department and the Image, Sound and Cultural Representation Lab. The Cultural Technology and Communication Department also organizes educational programs and from 2013 to this day, senior students of the Department conduct research and are responsible for sound engineering, the presentation and production of 7-minute daily broadcasts (cultural bulletins) for the Greek National Radio and TV (ERT) with correspondence for all the cultural activities taking place every day. It is the first daily bulletin in the history of Greek television filmed by university students. The basic factors of the Festival on part of the Cultural Technology and Communication Department are Alexandros Spathis (Specialised Technical Laboratory Staff/STLS), Marina Stamati (graduate of Department), Eleni Myrivili (Assistant Professor) and Ioannis Skopeteas (Assistant Professor).

Watch the cultural bulletins, 2013-2017: